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prayer ropes





Age to Age, East to West
Petrified Wood, Glass and Bronze
Handmade Rosary


"From age to age you gather a people to yourself, so that from east to west a perfect offering may be made to the glory of your name."

    -- from the Epiclesis for the Holy Eucharist

The San Damiano crucifix of this rosary is hand-cast from a vintage Italian original, in solid bronze.  The rosary center is also solid bronze, hand-cast from a vintage Turkoman piece. 

Each Pater bead is formed of three disks of petrified wood, in a beautiful variety of colors.  

The Aves are matte Czech glass in warm amber tones.  Among these are beads of matte Japanese glass in various olives and browns, and occasional beads of solid brass.

On the reverse of the crucifix, in Latin, are the words of the blessing Saint Francis gave to Friar Leo, from Numbers 6: 24-26.

The rosary is strung on premium quality Soft Flex jewelers' cable, composed of 49 strands of steel encased in nylon, with a test strength of 26 pounds;  each end is double-crimped for security.

Cross:  1.26"
Center:  .75"
Paters:  14mm
Aves:  8mm
Length:  22.75"


© Copyright 2007-19, M. Laura Eckert, Still Stone and Moss, Prayer Bead Art: Handmade Rosaries, Prayer Ropes, Chaplets, and Rosary Bracelets.