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The best way to reach us is to send Laura an email.  She's not in the studio every day, but she'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Shopping with us is entirely secure. All our financial transactions are handled by PayPal. You do not need your own PayPal account to make a credit card purchase. We don't ever receive any of your personal financial information -- PayPal keeps all that information absolutely private and secure. We never share your address, email, or any other info about you with anyone else.

If for any reason you're not pleased with your purchase, return the item to us within 10 days of the USPS delivery date, and we will be happy to refund your purchase price. Postage is not refundable, unfortunately.  Please pack the item carefully, so that it's not damaged on its return journey, and we recommend that you insure it.

We take pride in the quality of our work. Our wire-wrapped prayer beads, as well as those that are strung, are guaranteed for a year against wire breakage. If under normal use the wire should break within that time, we will repair your prayer beads without cost to you. In actuality, with reasonable care, and under normal use, our prayer beads can be expected to hold together for ages -- decades.

We use only the finest quality jewelers' cable to string our beads: the strong and very supple cable produced by the Soft Flex company. For rosaries and bracelets, we most frequently choose a Soft Flex cable made of 49 strands of steel covered with nylon, which has a 26 pound test strength. For some of our more lightweight necklaces we use a 21 strand cable with a test strength of 10 pounds. We double-crimp each end for security.

To make our chained prayer beads, we usually use the technique known as "wire wrapping." That is, we wrap each end of each wire back around itself a couple of times. This method ensures that the links of the chain can't open up and come unhooked.

Our crucifixes, crosses, centers and medals are, for the most part, solid bronze or solid sterling silver:  Vintage and antique pieces, collected one by one here and there, are each cast by hand, to produce pieces that resemble the originals in every detail -- where the originals are worn smooth by use and by time, or carry an old inscription, so it is with the pieces that are cast from them.   We're also always on the alert for extraordinary new designs, and lately we've found several contemporary artists who are producing beautiful work, in sterling and bronze, and also in fine, lead-free, jewelers' pewter.  And, once in a while, we find a one-of-a kind wooden or metal piece that we incorporate into a set of prayer beads;  unique items such as this are noted in the item descriptions.

We mingle antique and vintage beads with beads that are newly-made.  Our beads are wonderful, but they're not indestructible -- Exercise reasonable prudence:

Care for your prayer beads in the same way you would care for a piece of high quality jewelry.  Don't ball them up.  Keep them dry.  Clean them with a soft cloth.  Take care not to drop them.  If you carry them with you, it's a good idea to keep them in a pouch.


We ship by USPS Priority Mail, with insurance, tracking, and delivery confirmation. 

In the US, for purchases
up to $100 :   $8.69  
$100.01 to $200:  $9.95 
$200.01 to $300:  $11.14 
$300.01 to $400.00:   $12.14  
$400.01 and up:  $13.14  


Please be aware that your government may impose customs fees, import duties, taxes, or extra delivery charges.
Our international customers are responsible for paying these costs.  The costs vary from country to country and seem to be whimsically imposed.  Please check with your own country's Customs Office, and Postal Service to find out about this.  If you have any special shipping instructions for us, please email us.

We normally ship by USPS Express Mail International, with insurance and tracking.

For international purchases
up to $100:  $31.90 
$100.01 to $150:  $33.75
$150.01 to $300:  $34.25  
$300.01 to $500:  $35.60  
$500.01 to $700:  $37.80  
over $700:   We'll email you and let you know the cost.

EXCEPTIONS:  If the real cost of postage for shipping your particular order is going to be vastly higher than these fees, we'll get in touch with you to figure out what to do.  We can send you a separate bill for the additional postage, or give you an opportunity to reconsider.


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