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prayer ropes






variation iv
Old Masai Glass, Bodhi Seeds, and Bronze
All-In-One-Loop Rosary

Compassion Rosary handmade of Bodhi seeds and old Masai glass, by Still Stone and Moss, Prayer Bead Art, full view

"We have to come to the end of a long journey and see that the stranger we meet there is no other than ourselves -- which is the same as saying that we find Christ in him."  

   -- Thomas Merton, Trappist monk, Abbey of Gethsemani

The Pater beads of this rosary are old, well-traveled, red Masai glass.

The Aves are Bodhi seeds, traditional Buddhist prayer beads, separated by beads of red horn.

The Coptic cross is adorned with four small birds...

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variation ii
Batik Bone, Ebony
Handmade Rosary

Inspired by the return of the warmth.  For us in northern Vermont, the snow starts melting, water flows everywhere, the surface of the earth softens -- it's "mud season."   Walking gets squishy.   

The Kenyan Mud Batik Paters are the nicest ones we've ever seen... 

Openwork bronze Coptic cross, hand-cast from a 19th century Ethiopian antique...

Aves of Tiger Ebony...

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Mixed Woods, variation i
Wood and Bronze
All-in-One-Loop Rosary

"You will find something more in woods than in books.  Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters." 
-- Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Epistle 106 

These marvelous Pater beads are made of various woods -- in free-form, flattened and elongated ovals -- each unique.  One of the Paters is a triplet of beads.

The striped wooden Aves are separated by more small beads of wood...

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© Copyright 2007-16, M. Laura Eckert, Still Stone and Moss, Prayer Bead Art: Handmade Rosaries, Prayer Ropes, Chaplets, and Rosary Bracelets.