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Ancient of Days
variation iv
Bronze, Brass and Greek Leather
Handmade Irish Penal Chaplet

"Thou hast borne incomprehensibly the Ancient of Days as a new Child..."
  -- Theotokion

The powerful, substantial crucifix of this chaplet is cast from a 19th century Spainish antique, and the ring is cast from an ancient Celtic piece.  Both are solid bronze.

The prayer beads are hammered solid brass, with a subtle texture and a nice weight... 

The beads slide on knotted on black Greek leather -- the finest cord on the market today.

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Flourishing Garden
variation VI

Millefiori, Carnelian and Wood
Handmade Chaplet

Flourishing Garden, Variation VI:  Chaplet handmade of Millefiori, Carnelian and Wood. by Still Stone and Moss, Prayer Bead Art, full view

"We are not on earth to guard a museum, but to cultivate a flourishing garden of life."
  -- Pope John XXIII

The cross of this chaplet is beautifully shaped...

The Pater bead is vintage Murano millefiori glass... 

The wooden Aves are interspersed with beads of carnelian...

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variation V

Glass, Bone and Bronze
10-Bead Handmade Chaplet

“...For she is an aura of the might of God
and a pure effusion of the glory of the Almighty…

…And passing into holy souls from age to age,
she produces friends of God and prophets…”

-- Wisdom 7:25-27

The lovely crucifix of this chaplet is embellished with fleurs de lis, symbolic of the Blessed Mother, of Christ's human nature, and of the Holy Trinity...
The Pater bead is carved bone, set between hand-cast caps of solid bronze...

The luminous Aves are ribbed Czech glass, among tiny glass beads in a wonderful variety of colors...

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We are the Clay
variation iii
Handcrafted Bulgarian Stoneware
10-Bead Handmade Chaplet

We are the clay,
and You our potter;
And all of us are the work of Your hands.
  -- Isaiah 64:8

Meticulously hand-shaped beads, each individually formed of natural red, buff, or black German clays, and impressed with a variety of patterns.  These Bulgarian beads are durable, high-fired stoneware -- quite beautifully made. 

The Circles Cross is cast from an ancient, centuries-old original.  

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Feast Day
Horn, Glass and Ceramic
10-Bead Handmade Chaplet

Every day of the year is somebody's Feast Day -- an occasion for celebrating the life of one of us. Flag-bright, festive colors run throughout this chaplet.  The extra bead alongside the crucifix is something like a party -- not strictly necessary -- but not pointless either!

Fantastic evocative crucifix... Pater of burnt horn... Aves of matte black Czech glass, interspersed with intensely colorful Greek ceramic...

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© Copyright 2007-16, M. Laura Eckert, Still Stone and Moss, Prayer Bead Art: Handmade Rosaries, Prayer Ropes, Chaplets, and Rosary Bracelets.